Expert in Intelligent (Transport) Systems


I'm a researcher, engineer and consultant in intelligent (transport) systems at the Artificial Intelligence Center at the Czech Technical University in Prague.

Recent Updates

Fine-grained Analysis of Urban Transport Accessibility

Transport accessibility is one of key concepts in transport and urban planning. Transport accessibility aims to capture how easy or difficult it is to travel to different locations at different times by different means of transport. Accurate and detailed analysis of transport accessibility is a computationally challenging problem requiring large amounts of data and effective algorithms. As such, it was impossible to do -- until recently.

Towards Fully Multimodal Journey Planning

The recent update to Google Maps has finally brought the possibility of showing journey plans employing private and public transport modes side by side, facilitating the comparison of different travel options available to the traveller. This is certainly a move in the right direction much, however, remains to be done to fully leverage the potential of ever richer transport options offered to the traveller in modern cities.