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My website is live!

Added on by Michal Jakob.

So finally, I've managed to pull this off. The idea of launching my website first occurred to me perhaps fifteen years ago and I might have started couple of times but never finished. Two essential ingredients were missing – content and technology.

As for the technology, I was never a big fan of those very plain websites. I always wanted my page to have appealing design and some cool functionality. Creating such sites, however, used to be complex, at least more complex that I was ready to tolerate. That was until the arrival of new generation web-based site builders, of which SquareSpace – the one running this website – offered the right mix of simplicity and flexibility that finally got me sold (and started).

As for the content, there's always been plenty – but too varied and mixed to make me confident I know the message I want to spread through my website. This has changed too, with my focus now firmly on research and development in intelligent transport systems, the topic to which I always felt attracted but on which I could focus full time only relatively recently.

So what do I expect from my web site? First, I hope it to give me space to express some of my thinking on the ICT-enabled future of transport and mobility (and yes, I do believe in radical transformation here). The sort of thinking too informal for a scientific publication but too complex to cultivate solely in my head. Writing should help.

Second, largely by doing the first, I hope to gradually build an audience –  researchers, technologists, entrepreneurs, policy makers or just enthusiasts – that would provide reflection on my thinking and from which collaborators for future endeavours of all kinds could possibly be recruited.

Both goals require that I maintain my momentum and keep up writing. Only time will tell whether my motivation and determination will prove strong enough. But for now, let me stop and enjoy the self-satisfying feeling that after years of procrastination, Milestone 1 has been achieved -- my website is live!